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3 Day Test (2012)

3 Day Test (2012)

Metai: 2012

Žanras: Komedijos, Šeimai

Kalba: Anglų

Trukmė: 1h33min.

Režisavo: Corbin Bernsen

Vaidina: George Newbern, Megyn Price and Francesca Capaldi

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Family man and accountant Martin Taylor has it all… a great job, a wife and 3 kids, and a house in the suburbs. But the vision of his perfect family is unraveling right before his eyes as a busy, fast paced, high tech world threatens to pull them apart… can he keep them together? He’s losing his top client, his teenage daughter is pulling away from him while his 10 year old son lives in a world of gadgets and electronics and doesn’t talk to people.

His wife’s schedule never aligns with his, and their 4 year old daughter is being raised by the television. To get back in touch with his family, Martin takes matters into his own hands and kicks off a 3 Day Test of family endurance and every survival. He turns off the water, power and electricity coming into their home, blacks out the windows and locks the doors. Nobody come in or out for three days. The hilarious family adventure that follows will bring them together in ways they never imagined.

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